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2 Head 1K Soft Light Kit

The 2 Head 1K Soft Light Kit is a cost effective lighting addition to any shoot. 2 DLH1000S Tungsten heads with soft boxes and stands. A perfect lighting kit for any shoot.

Daily Hire Cost
£80.00 + VAT

£80 + vat per day

Discount available on longer term hires

The 2 Head 1K Soft Light Kit is a great addition and cost effective lighting solution for your shoot.  A dedicated single function halogen soft light, exclusively for use with many styles and sizes of soft boxes. Our 2 head set comes with a 50cm x 40cm and a 70cm x 60cm soft box.

The lamp, which is placed in the focal centre of the soft box produces a perfectly lit surface. In comparison to a soft box attachment mounted to a Fresnel fixture, it provides double the light efficiency with no hot spots.
Readily available halogen lamps from 500–1000 W may be used in this light fixture.

A protective glass tube is easily removable for quick lamp change.
Many styles and sizes of soft boxes may be used with the integrated speed ring.