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2 Head 1K Soft Light Kit

The 2 Head 1K Soft Light Kit is a cost effective lighting addition to any shoot. 2 DLH1000S Tungsten heads with soft boxes and stands. A perfect lighting kit for any shoot.

Daily Hire Cost
£80.00 + VAT

2 Head 1K Soft Light Kit

The 2 Head 1K Soft Light Kit is a great addition and cost effective lighting solution for your shoot.  A dedicated single function halogen soft light, exclusively for use with many styles and sizes of soft boxes. Our 2 head set comes with a 50cm x 40cm and a 70cm x 60cm soft box.

The lamp, which is placed in the focal centre of the soft box produces a perfectly lit surface. In comparison to a soft box attachment mounted to a Fresnel fixture, it provides double the light efficiency with no hot spots.
Readily available halogen lamps from 500–1000 W may be used in this light fixture.

A protective glass tube is easily removable for quick lamp change.
Many styles and sizes of soft boxes may be used with the integrated speed ring.

Alias Hire are part of the Dia Group of companies which include PEC, an equipment sales company. Alias Academy, the training division of Alias. And Alias Presents which offer Live Streaming services.  If the Rotolight Anova Pro LED light is not the product you are looking for or would like some more information on rates, then please do get in touch and speak to one of our booking staff.

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