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iFootage Shark Slider S1

Lightweight, extendable, fluid head included and perfect to use with the Syrp Genie. The iFootage Shark slider is a fantastic addition to your shoot for smooth glides.

Daily Hire Cost
£50.00 + VAT

iFootage Shark Slider S1

With Carbon Fibre Rods, the Shark S1 is one of the best lightweight sliders around. The flywheel provides a damping effect through its centrifugal force, allowing you to have smooth acceleration/deceleration for the camera movement. The belt and the synchronising wheel are perfectly connected to avoid any vibrations caused by the movement. Having a triangle structure means the slider gets maximum stability. The bottom plate is equipped with support screws so the structure doesn’t wobble when the slider is mounted on the tripod. If smooth and quiet video shoots are what you’re looking for, then the shark slider offers the perfect solution. The Japan imported silent bearings last about five times longer than standard bearings, even with constant use over prolonged periods of time. Also imported, the synchronous belts provide high precision and torque, with excellent performance even in high load situations. The carbon fibre tubes and the three wheel locking system, make it almost impossible to be bent out of shape when the manufacturer load limit is respected. By far more robust than a traditional slider, Shark Slider S1 benefits from increased resistance and can be used under any weather conditions.

We love this Slider at Alias. It is our go to lightweight slider for use with cameras such as the Canon 5Dmkiii, Canon C300 or Sony PXW-FS7. It is smooth, easy to use and lightweight so easy to move around. If you are looking for a more heavy weight slider through, check out the Prosup Tango Roller. The slider comes with a flat based tripod head as standard for use with the unit.


Standard – Length 640mm
Max Load 7kg
Extended – Length 1200mm
Max Load 5kg

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