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Sony NEX FS700

The NEX-FS700E is an NXCAM camcorder with a Super35mm, 4k ready CMOS sensor and super slow-motion capability. Its native E lens mount also accepts PL, EF and Nikon mount lenses via adapters.

  • Superb image quality
  • 250 frame per second at full HD resolution (with an external recorder such as a Nano Flash, Ki-Pro, Gemini etc)
  • Up to 960 frames per second with reduced resolution
  • PAL and NTSC Switchable

The NEX-FS700E is an NXCAM camcorder with a superior Super35mm CMOS sensor, super slow-motion capability and an interchangeable E-mount lens system, offering unrivalled flexibility and creative expression.

This camera includes a number of features providing familiar professional operation and workflows, including 50/60Hz switchability, built-in ND filters and a 3G-SDI interface.

The NEX-FS700E features built-in, ultra-thin ND filters, offering exceptional shallow depth-of-field on highlights. It also means less accessories to manage as no external ND filters are required.