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DJI Ronin Available to Hire

The DJI Ronin is now available to hire from Alias Hire in London. This amazing 3 axis gimbal system works perfectly with everything from Canon C300 to the Red Epic. Use it as a handheld system or on a movable rig; the DJI Ronin allows you to have the smoothest of movements. Made from precision machined aircraft-grade aluminum, the Ronin offers the durability to withstand rugged use on set and meets the high demand for reliability.

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Post BVE 2014

We at Alias genuinely had a good time at the BVE that has just passed. We did not drink, nor did we attend any of the parties. And it’s not as if we saw anything ‘new’ in terms of debut launches. The 4K camera from Black Magic, the Arri Amira, the wonderful soon to come updates for Sony’s XAVC are not new…so why the good time. I’m glad you (probably) thought of asking that.

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NHK Broadcasts 8K Super Hi Vision

So the whole world is going 4K bananas…and rightly so of course. If you haven’t seen true 4K then you are in for a REAL treat when you do as it is amazing. In fact, 4K demo footage in Curry’s (or indeed any other good electrical retailer of course) on Sony’s current 4K TV sets are stunning to say the least. Jumping ahead however, did you know that 8K is already making strides and is coming in the not to distant future. In fact, NHK plan to shoot and broadcast the Tokyo Olympics in 8K. If you’re wondering how, then this link should provide early information.

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Introducing the Sony PXW-Z100

The team attending IBC 2013 from Alias Hire always knew it was going to be busy, but now it’s a WHOLE lot busy!. Sony have launched a 4K handheld camera (it’s called the SONY PXW-Z100) and it looks like it’s the next step on the evolution ladder of  hand-held cameras. This is by no means a small thing (well actually, it is…look at the picture if you don’t believe me!). From the PD-150, Z1’s, EX-1’s and EX-3’s Sony have dominated the hand held camera market that is so widely used for broadcast. Canon took the lion’s share of that market with the still widely used and loved Canon XF-305 but Sony have been clawing their way back into the users hearts with the PMW-200 and the upcoming PMW-300.

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