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Canon EOS C300 EF and PL Mount

Canon’s digital cinema camera that is not a DSLR. With genuine microphone inputs, HD-SDI outputs, continual recording and a Super 35 mm equivalent sensor, the Canon EOS C300 offers the look of a Canon 5D but without the hassle. With a large sensor and 50 mbps recording it is approved for use by most broadcasters.

  • Shoots to Compact Flash Cards.
  • Has same operating menu as the very popular Canon XF-305.
  • Shoots slow-mo in 720p mode.

Daily Hire Cost
£120.00 + VAT


Canon EOS C300 EF and PL Mount

The pre-cursor to the Canon C300mkii, the Canon EOS C300 is available in two models: the Canon EOS C300 EF, equipped with an EF lens mount that is compatibility with the wide array of Canon EF interchangeable lenses, and the EOS C300 PL, offering a PL lens mount. Featuring MPEG2, 4:2:2/ 50Mbps and a Super 35 mm, 8.29-megapixel CMOS sensor, the C300 is ideally suited to digital cinematography.

The introduction of the C300 coincided with the launch of the Cinema EOS System, marking Canon’s full-fledged entry into the digital high-resolution production industry. The new professional digital cinematography system spans the lens, digital video camcorder and digital SLR camera product categories.

Star-Studded Supporting Cast

Equipped with an EF lens mount, the C300 is supported by an all-star cast of high-performance EF lenses, not only the wide array of interchangeable EF lenses for EOS SLR cameras that have earned the trust and respect of photographers around the world, but also the EF cinema lenses in the newly announced Cinema EOS System. When outfitted with a Canon EF lens, the C300’s peripheral illumination correction automatically corrects for vignetting in accordance with each lens’s optical characteristics, and enables iris control from the camcorder. Canon EF lenses also enable the recording of such metadata as the name of the lens used, aperture setting and shutter speed.

Show-Stopping High-Resolution Full-HD Performance

The C300’s newly developed Super 35 mm-equivalent CMOS sensor incorporates approximately 8.29 million effective pixels and has a pixel size that is larger than that for conventional professional camcorders, enabling greater light-gathering capabilities for enhanced sensitivity and reduced noise. The sensor reads Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) video signals for each of the three RGB primary colors, decreasing the incidence of moiré while realising high resolution with 1,000 horizontal TV lines.

Supported by a heightened signal read-out speed, the CMOS sensor reduces rolling shutter skews, a phenomenon prevalent with CMOS sensors in which fast-moving subjects may appear diagonally distorted. Additionally, the powerful combination of the sensor with Canon’s high-performance DIGIC DV III image processor facilitates high-precision gamma processing and smooth gradation expression.

In addition to MPEG-2 Full HD (MPEG2 422@HL compliant) compression, the C300 employs 4:2:2 color sampling for high-resolution performance that minimises the appearance of “jaggies” at chroma edges. Additionally, with a maximum recording rate of 50 Mbps, the camcorder supports the recording of high-quality video.

The camcorder’s video and audio recording file format adopts the industry-standard MXF (Material eXchange Format), an open source file format ideally suited for non-linear editing systems. Recording to versatile, readily available CF cards, the C300 realises high cost-performance and, equipped with two CF card slots, makes possible the simultaneous recording of video data to two CF cards.