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Kino Flo 2ft 4Bank Light

The Kino Flo 2ft 4bank lighting system is an great addition to any location or studio shoot. Award-winning 4Bank portable lighting systems have changed the way professionals light everything from feature films to television productions to video and still photography.


£45 + vat per day

Discounts available on longer term hires

The Kino flo 2ft 4bank lighting kit is one of the most versatile softlight on the market. The 4Bank is similar to a 1,000 Watt softlight, but uses 1/10th the power. Colour temperature doesn’t shift when the light levels change. Lamps are long lived and operate outside the fixture.

Great for use with a green screen set up or in an interview scenario, the 2ft light is a must have. If you are looking for something a little bigger or wanting to add a bit more for a multi light setup then check out the Kino Flo 4ft 4bank.