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Sennhesier SKM 100 G3

Sennhesier SKM 100 G3 – The handheld version of what is without doubt the the most popular Radio Mic series. Great for ‘on the fly’ interviewing for total freedom.

£25 + vat per day

Discounts applied to longer term hires

Now with infrared sync function, the Sennhesier SKM 100 G3 can tune to a G3 receiver with a simple push of the receiver’s sync button. Compatible with ew 100 G3 receivers and every vocal style, this hand-held transmitter/microphone combination provides wireless freedom to both performers and presenters alike. With rugged design and powerful sound, it is ideally suited for the stage as it is in the auditorium. Newly revised features such as the enhanced graphic display, easily swappable capsule and included charging contacts make the Sennhesier SKM 100 G3 a solid choice.