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Summer Filming

It’s hot. Boy it’s super hot. I mean melting to my seat hot. But hey, the show must go on. Shoots have to be done, programs have to be made. But what do you need to think about when filming in this sort of sunshine and heat. First off, I’ll be mum and say drink plenty of water and apply plenty of sun cream. Now that is out of the way, what considerations need to be made equipment wise?

Let’s start with shading from the sun. If you are hiring kit or taking your own kit on a shoot, make sure your lenses have sunshades and if possible UV filters. ND’s wouldn’t be a bad idea either. If you are using monitors on a shoot and it’s outdoors, make sure it comes with a sunshade. In this sort of summer sun it will be a struggle to see anything without one. If you are planning on using the LCD on a camera and it does not come with an attachable eyepiece, look at getting in a sunhood. We stock a variety of sunhoods for LCD screens for cameras such as the Canon C300 and C300mkii, Sony PMW-200 and the Canon XF305.  What about bigger sun protection? We hire out EZ up tents to give the kit and crew a bit of protection when out on location.

What about when it comes to keeping cool? For this I would say, if you are planning on using lighting either inside or out at location (if needed) try going for LED over standard bulb related lights. It will cut down dramatically on the heat that the lighting equipment would kick off. We have a wide range of LED lights that you can find here.

Beyond these tips, have a few ice lollies.

Stay sun safe people.


The Studio at Alias – Photography and Filming

How’s it gone so far?

By Mark Wilson – Ops Manager

Towards the end of 2018, we embarked on a new venture for Alias by turning our training room into a multi-purpose room. It continues to be our training space for the courses run by our Alias Academy department but what we have done is created a wide open space for use as a photography and filming studio. Now don’t get me wrong, we haven’t been able to soundproof the room as of yet which means drama scenes won’t work. But if you are wanting to do some product filming or photography then this room is perfect. We created a large white background wall but the room is more than large enough to use a 12ft colorama for use as a backdrop. Photography is a doddle in this room. We have 2 windows in the room with black out blinds which allows you to be able to control the light with your own lighting systems, or lights from our hire department if required. Which leads me on to one of the big plus points for why our studio clients like using our room. Having a fully equipped camera and lighting hire company on site is a big plus. If you have forgotten to bring something or need that little bit extra, then not having to wait for an hour for more to kit to arrive is a real bonus. We also offer 25% discount off rate card for any of our equipment hired for use within the studio.

Being based on Well Street in East London, we are surrounded by other photography studios but we never launched this studio to take over the world. We made the decision to create this in-house studio so that we can offer that little bit more to our existing client base and potentially meet some new photographers and videographers along the way. We often have clients come in and spend time with us so we are no stranger to hospitality but what we wanted to do was create a space for those using the studio where they can chill out and not have to worry about the day to day operation of a hire company that is going on around them. So we created the Green Room, a space solely for those using the studio where they can prep or relax. The room features a desk, sofa, ironing board and iron, steamer and makeup mirror.

We are proud of the room we have created and the feedback from those who have used the studio has been very positive, but we know there is plenty of room to grow. It’s going to be an exciting year for us and our studio. The experience has been good so far and we don’t expect that to change. We’re very happy for visitors to come by and see the Studio before committing to hiring it to make sure it is exactly what they want. So if you are interested, then book in a time and pop by and see us in our Hackney office.

You can find out more about our photography studio details here